The question in genital. (a.k.a. Picture this.)

You have probably come across this kind of picture: low camera stand-point, ‘model’ sitting straight for the camera, legs spread, full frontal view of the genitals and, oh, right, the rest of the model is there too.

Lynx browser

Seen it? Yes? I thought so. No? Where have you lived all these years, or are you browsing the web using Lynx?

This is almost the kind of picture I am referring to. Sorry people who are hoping for a full frontal shot of my penis, it’s not in the cards for you today.

Maybe it’s just me, but images that show naturists and nudists who feel the need to spread their legs and show their genital area take things a bit too far. Many of such shots can be done without creating pictures that can be adopted for the porn industry.

There is not always a need (if at all) to show ‘the goods’ just to prove you’re entirely naked. As in the image up there. If people want to kid themselves into thinking I was secretly wearing boxer shorts (urgh!) and I carefully hid them, so be it. They are not the audience I have my blog for anyway.

Right. This is my take on things. What is yours? Do you think that the emphasis on genitals, even when it’s perhaps not intentional, is necessary to show nudity?

Simply selecting a different position of the camera will already do a great job on taking the emphasis to the entire body, not just the genital area.

As usual I am curious about your ideas, experiences and visions.

Have a great, nude day, everyone!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “The question in genital. (a.k.a. Picture this.)”

  1. Lol, I know exactly what you mean. If I post a picture it will be in context but not strictly emphasis on the genitals. Even my cartoon implies nudity with the main character who is a naturist. Less is more but if you must show full nudity at least be artistic. Nude not lewd.

  2. Genitals form an integral part of the body and if the naked body is pictures I don’t see why genitals should not be visable. There is nothing wrong with showing your naked body and so there is nothing wrong with showing your genitals.
    Showing just your genitals though is like showing just your head or your feet and is without interest.
    Stay (completely) naked

    1. I agree, genitals are just another bit of body, but to emphasise them as if slapping them in someone’s face, that’s taking things a bit too far for me.
      But as usual, each person has his own meaning.

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