We could do with a new hippie-wave

This might strike you as odd, certainly if you don’t know a thing about hippies.

Hippies rose in the 1960. Flower power, free love, and yes, nudity, were some of the things that hippies promoted. They were against war (I like that) and most of them promoted a relaxed, kind, loving lifestyle.

A famous hippie song

During those times, especially in the beginning, hippies shocked most of the good people with their open way of life and their appreciation of the human body. I think it’s the nudity that was the biggest hangup for people.

A couple with matching flower body paint walks together during the Isle of Wight Festival in the UK in 1970.

As the picture above and certainly the following one show, nudity was a normal thing among hippies. They had no issues with it. That is what made me think how we could do with another hippie-wave.

Mother and child swimming in a lake. It was no problem for them.

Hippies weren’t just located in a single place, they were everywhere. San Francisco was a famous town, but also London, Amsterdam, and every other large city had their share of them, and everywhere the good people were surprised with their alternative way of life. Like we do these days.

Which suddenly gives me this thought:

Are we the new hippies?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

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