Sensing energy through skin rather than clothes

Sensing energy? What’s that now?

Yes, and don’t worry, I’ll try to keep this levelheaded and with both feet on the ground. At times. Probably. In a way.

Maybe you laugh at the fact that people can sense energy. If you do, please keep reading. You might be in for another good laugh if nothing else.

I for one am convinced people sense energies. We are, after all, made of energy. Basic physics break us down to atoms, and atoms consist of energy particles: protons, electrons and neutrons.

Here’s an atom for you. There are lots of them inside each of us.

Energy is also made of energy (hey, I’m awake, aren’t I?)

Did you ever meet someone you immediately liked? Or disliked? Without ever having met that person before in your conscious life? I blame that (dis)like on the exchange of energy between people. (Ready, laugh, go!)

The sensitivity to energy and its blocking.

Two nudists
Nothing blocks their energies.

Clothes (and this should not surprise you) are made of atoms as well. They’re not alive (which we are, and that’s probably not to blame on our own atoms) but they do contain energy particles inside their atoms. That’s what keeps everything together, even fabric. Or sand. But don’t let me digress.

Now imagine you are to meet a person or you are in a particular place that has, for instance, ley lines (yes, follow the link to the explanation, not everyone knows what ley lines are). Don’t you think you would be more sensitive and open to the energy of that other person or place when you’re not dressed? Clothes (energy) have the distinct possibility to block energy since they are made of energy as well. (Goodness, I hope I am not going in too deep here. Keep laughing if you feel like that.)

You can consider clothes to be a wall or an energetic interference between your body and the energy that is emitted by another body (be it human or otherwise).

I was brought onto this idea after a chat with someone on, who mentioned being more sensitive to energy when nude. That immediately made sense to me, because of a particular experience.

A castle in Wales

A few years ago I visited Wales (in the U.K.) and I went to look at some castles. Castles are cool. This particular castle up here wasn’t easy to get to. It involved several miles of climbing and walking through hills, and when I got there I was the only visitor. Not surprising considering the effort it took to get there.

Since there were no people around to complain about it, I undressed and wandered through the castle. That made a huge difference to me (and not because of the temperature, it was quite agreeable inside the walls). I could sense the energy of the place much better than with clothes on.

I wonder if this whole piece makes sense to you. Do you have experiences of sensing energy, and if yes, does it make a difference being nude?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

11 thoughts on “Sensing energy through skin rather than clothes”

  1. When I visited the Mayan ruins at Tulum,I could feel some sort of energy.It must’ve been because it’s considered sacred ground by the Mayans.It’s something you can only understand by experiencing it.Legally you can’t be nude there.It’s considered disrespectful.I’m not sure the Mayans would’ve felt that way.I did have only a t-shirt,shorts and sandals on,so that might’ve helped some in the feelings of energy.

    1. I’ve been to Mexico once and I was at Tulum as well. I know what you mean.
      And indeed, the Mayans wouldn’t have objected to nudity, I’m certain of that.

      1. We have been there as well, the heat and humidity made it terribly uncomfortable in clothing. When you read about their culture nudity was a common part of it.

        1. And not surprising, really. It’s sad how “modern ‘decency'” has influenced the normal way of life even there where nudity is the most sensible way to be.

  2. Your thoughts struck a distinct nerve with us. It’s interesting to think of nudity in those terms but we too have experienced what you are saying about the different energies felt while nude. For several years while looking at new homes with a possible intent to purchase we would tour them as “Open Houses” when no one was around, first clothed just to see if we had any real interest or not. We would make note of the ones that we liked most and then go back a second time, if no one was around we would strip naked to get a true feel of how the house felt to us. How it felt to walk around nude in it with all the window coverings open, to get a feel of the kitchen, living area, study and bathrooms while totally nude as would be our normal usage. Since we primarily live nude in our home anyway we needed to have that feel for the energy one can only sense when naked.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. It made me smile and I appreciate what you say so much. Especially the place where you live needs to have the right energy or “vibe”, and the best way to experience that is, indeed, naked.

      1. Yes, it is amazing to experience as many places nude as possible, as you alluded to, it changes the “vibe” completely.

        1. And that is exactly what I mean with this post. I had never really given it any conscious thought until someone on MeWe mentioned it. Only then the pieces came together. I’ve experienced it so often by now. The most amazing experience was in a castle in Wales. It is way out in the fields and hard to get to. I was the only idiot to walk all those miles over hills and such. It wasn’t cold that day, I was the only one there, so I toured the castle (built in the 900s) in the nude. That makes such a difference.

          1. An amazing experience for sure. It’s the same when going into any structure nude that’s been occupied or is still occupied, you can feel the energy from those past and present. It always leaves me wondering if they were present would they join me in full nudity which creates an energy all of it’s own.

  3. Great piece! May I add: the energies of people who made the fabric, made the shirt, packeged the shirt. And the surroundings where the fabric and shirt was made all lend energy to the product.

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