A naturist’s view on celebrities

Celebrity nudists

We all know they exist. It is only natural since even celebrities are human beings with human cravings and human clothes. And at times without said clothes.

What is the good of a naked celebrity?

Obviously the good thing is that a nudist celebrity shows the world at large that being nude / a nudist / a naturist isn’t a bad thing. I think we all agree on that.

If a famous person is okay with being naked, then it should be alright for me too.

As long as that’s the mindset and idea people take away from knowing a celebrity to be a nudist, that’s a good thing. In that respect I am convinced that celebrities can be a huge benefit to the naturist lifestyle.

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon – “There’s something therapeutic about nudity”

Did you know Kevin Bacon is a nudist? He claims “There’s something therapeutic about nudity”. (According to a snippet in the Gainesville Sun.)

And Helen Mirren probably needs no introduction. “I do believe in naturism and am my happiest on a nude beach with people of all ages and races.” Helen said while accepting British Naturism’s 2004 Naturist of the Year Award.

These are but two of the many famous ones who are known to like being naked.


What is the bad of a naked celebrity?

What if someone thinks:

Of course they dare to be naked. They all look so good. And now look at flabby me!

That’s a problem that pops up frequently, and you don’t even need a celebrity for that. I have no proof of it, but I can imagine that seeing a naked celebrity makes things even worse for those who aren’t that toned, tanned and touched-up.

What do you think?

Is having nudist celebrities good or bad? Or do you think it doesn’t matter? Or should they come out even more?

I can only hope that one day we can all ride the bus or the train like Alanis Morisette does…

Alanis Morisette

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

11 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on celebrities”

  1. If a celebrity is truly a nudist like the two examples you mentioned, then I appreciate and welcome their vocality on the subject. It will only help to normalize our cause. I wish more nudist celebrities would proclaim their enjoyment of nudism instead of their politics. If they want a cause, take up normalizing naturism.

    On the other hand, celebrities that use nudism as a means of publicity hurts our cause. It is just another form of exhibitionism. Miley Cyrus is a prime example of being an exhibitionist. Alanis Morisette probably does not qualify as an exhibitionist because she is challenging society’s concept of decency and nudity.

    Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Hurley seem to be two celebrities comfortable with nudity and are frequently captured topless and nude. They should utilize their celebrity to publicly support what they seem to enjoy.

  2. I hope that celebrity nudists come out supporting nudism more. Not just the “attractive” ones, but any who enjoy the lifestyle. I think it would help normalize nudism for many people who are influenced by celebrities that they like. I don’t think the “exhibitionists” using nudity to get attention necessarily hurt acceptance of nudism either as long as their behavior is not too offensive. But what is offensive is subjective.

    1. Indeed. There is no clear divide, nor a defined guideline. We’ll have to live with how things are and push for the best. Which also is subjective often.

  3. Generally, I don’t see nude celebrities normalizing nudism. We expect them to do things outside the “norm” and because they are among the “beautiful” people, we are titillated by their behavior. Just the same, I do admire celebrities like Helen Mirren who has actually spoken about naturism.

    But I never hear about celebrities talking about their membership in AANR, TNS, BN, etc or about supporting naturist club, activities, or causes.

    For the most part, I don’t pay much attention to their celebrity status. If they claim to be a naturist then then I want to know “What are they doing to promote naturism?”

    1. I understand your question. Since not many celebrities (ehm) are into openly being a naturist, there’s not really an answer. I can even see how they would simply want to be nude, not making a big thing about it.

  4. I think some celebrities can help just by making their presence known.Let’s say for example someone like Britney Spears arrives at a nude beach or resort and strips totally nude she has to know that there is a chance she could be photographed and simply doesn’t care.I don’t know if that actually helps the nudist cause but I thought I’d bring it up.

    1. I appreciate your point of view. It might actually help if someone like her would just “be” a nudist without making a fuss of it. It would put more “normal” into it, I’d think.

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