11 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

      1. Wife has always wanted cloths painted on and to out in public. Her theory is that the skin is covered. Honestly I love the thought of it but we are yet to try it.

          1. That’s a cool video for sure and yes most people aren’t paying that much attention. I have been nude in my yard before when cars passed by and no one noticed.

          2. That’s why I always feel safe driving nude. No one expects it, so no one looks for it. In all those years maybe 4 people actually saw me.

          3. Agreed, in warmer weather it is one of the nicest ways to travel, it actually makes one a better driver as you pay more attention to traffic laws. Recently drove about 400 miles nude on a business trip. Got out at a couple of rest stops along the way totally nude, walked around stretched and took a leak. The comfort is without description.

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