A lesson on nudists. For non-nudists.

Some people believe that there are two types of nudist resorts: 1) All out orgies everywhere, or 2) No touching whatsoever or you get kicked out.

In reality, most nudist resorts are somewhere in the middle.  Most resorts allow, and expect, that couples will show appropriate affection for one another. A small kiss, holding hands, or hugs are not a problem. Going beyond simple displays of affection into the land of sexual displays are prohibited. That’s not what nudism is about, and most people don’t want to see couples making out in public. Activities that cross the line from affection to sexual will be addressed by management, and if the activity continues, would lead to expulsion from the resort.

While nudists agree that nudism is not about sex, we also understand that couples have non-sexual affection for one another that shouldn’t be left at the front gate.

(Original found on Tumblr, posted by www.HeartlandNaturists.com, and too good not to share here.)

Author: Paul

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4 thoughts on “A lesson on nudists. For non-nudists.”

  1. Paul, I saw this post before and I liked the easy closeness of the couple. Nudists who have a partner should be able to show reasonable affection in public. I like the description of what is not tolerated in a nudist resort (or even in a group of nudists). You are right in this post as a reminder. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting this, I think this is a topic that ought to be discussed more in naturist circles. I am much more comfortable when casual displays of affection are permissible. I would go so far as to say that being free to display affection helps to show that naturists are no different from textiles, other than the fact that we enjoy socializing sans clothes. My “home” resort is tolerant of such displays as well as single men, tattoos, and body piercings and jewelry. I have seen nothing i would consider inappropriate there which makes it difficult for me to understand why such things would be banned in the first place. Shouldn’t we be judged on our behavior and not our appearance? Isn’t that one of naturism’s principles, that one is not judged by how they look?

    1. Sexual behavior should be forbidden, but affection/touching should be allowed whether clothed or not. I see lots of people giving friendly hugs or affectionate touching all the time. If touching starts to lead to making out or sexual arousal, it should be taken to somewhere private. A resort I have been visiting the last couple of years has those same rules.

  3. Excellent post and picture. How a lovimg couple enjoys being naked free and amongst others. If they want to go further they can go where they won’t be seen

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