It’s not just about you and not just about me

Dressed peopleYou. Yes, you who thinks that everyone has to dress. I don’t live according to your standards. I have my own. They are not higher, nor lower. They are simply different.

Just because most people are afraid of a naked arm or a naked leg doesn’t mean that we all should be like that. A naked arm, a naked leg, they are part of us. Of our naked bodies.

You scream about nudity as if it’s the worst thing. Don’t deny it, we all heard it. Despite all the porn everywhere nudity is bad. Bad when someone shows it. Is that because it brings your vulnerability into the daylight? The fact that you peek at naked people when no one is watching? Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

nude personI hear you say that nudists should dress. Like decent people. Meaning like all the people who hide their true self, only showing the outside world the part of them they want the world to know. Be young, be pretty, be strong and happy. Hide the flabby arms, the sagging breasts, the beer belly and the scars. Don’t think of showing the wrinkles and the deformations. Be young, be pretty. Be as misguided as the rest of all those who love their clothes, always and everywhere.

I wonder why you close your eyes to reality? You won’t be young forever. You will wrinkle, flab, crease, scar and sag. Why hide that? Why not show the world that you’re still standing after all you went through? Where is your pride? Is it in the back pocket of your new designer jeans? Do you wear it on the lapel of that fancy jacket that’s in fashion now and gone next year?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “It’s not just about you and not just about me”

  1. Today’s morality is laced with all sorts of insanity. How can a mother who’s breast feeding her baby be obscene to some while watching so much violence and death being constantly thrown at us from everywhere is OK. Now that’s nuts. If anyone. . Man or woman chooses to go topless equality under the law is constitutionally mandated that all laws be equally applied and certainly if a man has the right to be topless so should a woman…

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