3 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. Wow, I was born in the freezing north of the United States (now living in sunny Florida) and I don’t think I’d ever go out in the cold like this young lady. Yikes, I’m getting a chill just seeing this photo. 😉
    BTW, it was 82F today where I live in Florida.

    1. Going out in the snow like that can be quite the wonderful experience, Carl Mario. As long as there’s no wind it’s fine – it’s the wind that makes you feel really cold.

  2. naked in the snow ever.
    But in nature, among the trees and far from the city, it happened to me several times. One of the many beautiful and positive things about nudism is the fact that it brings people back to nature. Only after becoming a nudist did I begin to seek contact with nature.

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