My vacation, part 4. Sneaky textile.

This is probably the last time I’ll annoy you about my vacation…

And this is, again, about the beach at Fuerteventura, but it could happen anywhere. As I already wrote, all beaches in Spain are clothing optional. This happened during one of my walks along the beach.

A group of four women, in various state of bikini, were having fun talking while they sat in the sand. As I came walking along, a lot of commotion seemed to set in among the women. Two got up and one started digging in a shoulder bag. Out came a camera of sorts, and one of the women positioned herself for a photo. Remarkably enough she kept looking over her shoulder, clearly to make certain that I would be in the picture too. The women talked to each other in Spanish, not a language I understand, but there was no doubt about what they had in mind, they wanted a naked man in the picture. Without a thought I had made up my mind, diverted my course, and went to stand next to the posing woman. I put my arm around her shoulders and gave them my best picture smile.

The effect was beautiful and instantaneous: the posing woman yelped and jumped, the others exclaimed something in Spanish, and the four of them took off as if a nude bat out of naturist hell was chasing them.

They’ll think twice the next time when they want to sneak a picture of a naturist on a beach.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “My vacation, part 4. Sneaky textile.”

  1. It sucks that people have been so successfully indoctrinated by those who like to promote and maintain socially established “rules” of decency.

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