Good advice for all: Please Take a Towel

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Growing numbers of people getting the urge to strip naked and walk around in only their birthday suit should follow one piece of advice: be ready to take something to cover up – a naturism expert has cautioned.

Throwing off the shackles of society by striding around with the sun on your bare skin is a primeval sensation which up to four million people enjoy – or wish they could, claims the group British Naturism.

But it most definitely is not a passion shared by all, meaning there is plenty of room for serious misunderstandings between nudists and non-nudists.

When serious confusion does occur then the consequences can be serious, with police or even the courts involved.

So a legitimate nudist runs the risk of being caught with their pants down and facing the prospect of explaining their hobby to a judge.

This pitfalls of nudism have been illustrated starkly in France recently – a country very comfortable with citizens de-robing and walking about in the nip.

A nudist out on a naked stroll spotted a mother and child walking towards him on the same path.To avoid embarrassment, he leapt behind some bushes to stay out of sight while they passed.

This noble act had the opposite effect, unfortunately. The woman spotted a fully naked male trying to conceal himself behind a bush and raised the alarm: he now faces a charge of indecent exposure.

Of course, Britain and France have different laws governing nudity, but the incident does illustrate how very badly wrong unexpected meetings between nudists and non-nudists can go.

In the UK, there is no law against being naked in public, but courts have public order and sexual offences laws available to them.

So how can naturists in Britain avoid a potential dressing down from a judge should they encounter a fully clothed young family in a beauty spot?

And why do it at all?

Born naked, then clothed

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