Why you should not be naked

Strange title for a nudist blog, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I’m not going to convince you to put on clothes. I’m trying to collect as many reasons as possible why the world of textiles in general won’t let us be naked when we want to. So here we go:

GodGod or religion forbids it.
1. The Islam forbids nudity to its followers (article on Nudist America) because it preaches modesty. For some reason being nude is not modest in the eyes of Islam.
2. The Christian God forbids it (article on GotQuestions). Even though Adam and Eve were nude at first (the way that the Christian God made them) their sin (eating the wrong apple) suddenly made them the bad guys and the Christian God made them wear animal skins. Since then nudity is sinful and shameful.
Interesting detail: there are plenty of Christian nudists, including preachers:

You look better with your clothes on.
I think this is something that trickles down from religion as well, as that’s what people were taught / brainwashed into believing. Certainly, people can look nice in clothes, but still they cover themselves, they hide themselves. It is a way to avoid revealing your true self.

cigaretteIt’s unpleasant to look at nude people.
Again a brainwash situation, and an expression you can also use for so many other things. It can also be unpleasant to watch someone eat, or smoke a cigarette. It’s what you’re used to, and far too few people are used to seeing naked people.

Clothes set us apart from animals.
Oh yes, such a fine distinction, and look at the big polluted mess the animals made of this planet.

childrenYou have to think of the children!
Silly reason. Children usually are the most accepting and open kind of people, they usually enjoy running around in the nude. It’s after being told a thousand times that you shouldn’t do that, that their conditioning starts to set in.

It leads people into temptation!
Rubbish. How can something you see everywhere be tempting? It’s a fact that what you can’t have or see is what makes something tempting.

Inuit Children in Winter Furs


You won’t be cold.
Ah, now there’s a reason for not being naked.


Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Why you should not be naked”

  1. Genesis does not actually say that Adam and Eve were given animal skins. It says garments of skin. As much of the story reflects what happens to us as we grow up, the garments of skin may refer to our hairy pubic regions.

  2. Lets not forget that Isaiah was ordered by God to preach naked for three years. And if God can’t make you sin, then how can being naked preaching in public by Isaiah be a sin?

  3. I can’t speak for the Islam point of view, but as for “The Christian God forbids it”, this is not accurate, as you have already mentioned, there are many Christians Naturists already, but what is a more accurate statement is that many Christians in today’s society have twisted scripture to suit their beliefs, instead of being honest with themselves and letting scripture shape their beliefs. http://thebiblicalnaturist.blogspot.com has detailed analysys of what the Bible actually says, showing that God has no problem with human nakedness.

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