3 thoughts on “The visual appearance of another person”

  1. my only like sorta negative experience (about 6 weeks ago) where i wish i had terri webbs lovely quote printed off on a piece of paper and put into my non existent pockets at the time lol was when i made the mistake of only hiking an hours walk from the trails and while relaxing on a comfy thick thankfully bug and crawly free towel there were two hikers, a man and a women like literally almost walked over me. Now perhaps my age was the issue or just how to them the concept of nakedness & being in our own skin was like.. foreign or something which is how most people seem to be but they were quite shocked and upset. The man kept asking me if i was a kidnap victim and the woman had the whole karenish like “wont someone think of the children” sort of thing.. i had to get dressed before they would leave. Just glad the mans attempt at “calling the police to rescue me” were not successful thanks to no towering : )

    My whole life i have been a very patient person, even willing to turn the other cheek to ignorance and silyness of others but that time i nearly lost my cool and wanted so badly to yell at them, and not politely either..

    15 mins later they were gone, i was back on my towel, comfy again & listening to Aurora and munching on apricots : )

    1. What? You had to GET DRESSED before they wanted to leave you in peace?!
      That is so totally wrong. What were they thinking, invading your privacy and own-time?…

      1. Hahaha ikr!! sadly yes.

        Hope they got back to the trail alright because i did not run into them again (for the best lol)

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