Clothing Optional Nudist.


Clothing Optional Nudist
Nudist group on MeWe. (Note: this image is clickable!)

In case you wonder about this image: it’s a snip of the banner from a group on MeWe. MeWe is a rather unknown social media platform totally unlike Facebook. Where Facebook collects and sells everything you put there, MeWe leaves your things where they belong: with you.

On there I’ve found a nudist/naturist/clothing optional group. It feels like a good group, one with the right attitude. Porn mongers and other unlikable characters are removed to keep it a safe and sound environment.

Being clear on do’s and don’ts.

To make things clear from the get go:

Naturist/Nudist pictures in a Naturist lifestyle setting is always welcome, feel free to post, but any pictures with the sole focus on sharing genital pictures will be removed.

Enjoy yourself otherwise.
Please partake, share information and ideas.
Its more fun when everyone pitch in from time to time.

Not everyone is comfortable with nudity, not everyone is comfortable with their own bodies. Believe in yourself. !!

If you’re here to talk to true Naturists, hopefully gain a better understanding of the lifestyle, then I welcome you to this page.

Whatever your sexual orientation, no discrimination will be allowed.

Please note: Any member who don’t treat the ladies (or men) with respect, or by sharing dick pics, making lewd remarks etc will be banned and blocked without a second warning.
This is the first warning.

It’s that simple. If anyone is looking for a good place to hang out with nudists without having to be careful with images like at Facebook, Google+ and lately also on Pinterest (I know because my account there got killed), this might be worth your investigating while.


Accounts on the Internet
Accounts, accounts, accounts

Yes, you’ll need an account on MeWe. Just like everywhere online these days.

If you don’t like setting up yet another account I suggest you move away from the Internet. 😉

Will we see you there?

Clothing optional

It won’t cost you much. Just some time to get your account set up and the (simple) application to the group. We don’t let anyone join just like that to warrant the safety inside as much as possible.

Clothing optional

We all know what it means, right? A place where you can go any way you want. Either fully dressed, partially dressed or not dressed at all. I think that these places are very good places because they offer something for everyone. Still you won’t easily find me there.

I’m a naked naturist and for that reason I like places where I don’t see clothes, no matter how skimpy.

Don’t get me wrong: facing the choice between clothed and clothing optional I’ll opt for the latter but when I can avoid optional clothes I will certainly do that. Clothing optional for me always hovers in that grey area where you can find peeping Toms and Tinas who hide behind their clothes, hats and sunglasses just to have a good look at (and giggle over? and picture of? and…?)  those silly naked folks who are there too.

I don’t know how you feel about this, but perhaps you’re inclined to tell me about it in the comments section.

Nudism me

A clothing optional world

Yes. That would be good. A world where everyone is free to wear everything, some of it or none of it. A kind of ‘all you can bare’ world.

It would solve a lot of problems for everyone.

  • Nudists and naturists would be able to go around without clothes wherever they’d like to.
  • People who want to try it once in a while can go as they want to, with or without clothes.
  • The people who can bear to bare only parts of themselves would be able to bare it all partially.
  • And the people who want to dress ‘as usual’ can do just that.

Am I the only one who sees the benefits of that? There would be no more reason for one group to look down at the other, no more reasons to justify what you do or don’t. It would give the ultimate freedom to humanity.