16 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. Absolutely the best way to work, we home office our businesses and have the luxury of working nude. It’s very nice perk to have.

        1. Thurston, I’m curious how you managed 10 days undressed, but don’t want to be nosy. I have to get dressed everyday because of people coming to help with my wife or needing to go somewhere. I would like to go on a nude vacation someday, but I would probably still not be able to stay nude all that time.

          1. Don, it was shear luck as much as it was intent. It started out that we challenged each other to see how many days we could remain nude without having to leave the house. Our business work was the least challenging. Yard work was the most challenging, I am able to mow my backyard nude as it’s semi-private, the front yards were let go to some extent, watering and trimming of the flowerbeds an shrubs were done at night or early morning. Since we have accent lighting around the front parts of the house it required stepping into shadows several times as vehicles approached which apparently didn’t always work as some circled the block a few times for second look….. lol. We did make a couple of nude drives to make bank deposits, a couple mail drops and one drive-thru fast food. The newspapers were gathered early morning and the regular mail was retrieved at night. A few deliveries were taken nude at the front door with no problem. We will say that by the end of day 10 the refrigerator and the pantry were getting a little thin. So a trip to the grocery store ended what was a fun and sometimes thrilling 10 days.

          2. Paul, I will tell you, after such an extended period you quickly realize how much you loath clothing and what waste of time and resources they are. Yes there are times when they are absolutely needed. However if our society would just lighten up much of our daily lives could be lived clothesfree.

          3. Longest I ever managed to go clothesfree was 3 days and I loved every second of it. After that time I already felt restricted beyond belief after putting clothes on (will never forget that sensation). It felt bad on my skin. I can’t imagine how you both must have felt after 10 days. The weather here is horrible now so I appreciate my clothes when I have to go out, but in the summer or whenever the weather’s fine, really…

          4. Thurston, that was an interesting challenge and sounds like a fun 10 days. I’ve gotten accustomed to being nude most of the time at home. I exercise and use the hot tub and swimming pool nude at home unless someone else is here. Today after I finished exercising with weight machines at a fitness center in town that I go to about 3 days a week, I went in the men’s locker room and undressed. I grabbed my swimsuit, towel and goggles because I was going to the indoor pool. I didn’t put my swimsuit on immediately and went to the restroom. I started to go out the door to the pool. Suddenly I realized I was still nude just before opening the door. I’m not sure what would have happened if I had gone out with nothing on. I wish I could exercise and swim there nude.

          5. You know Don, I’ve done nearly that same thing and have come close to saying WTF and going anyway. I travel a lot sometimes and it really irks me to have use a suit to swim in a motel/hotel pool and often times I have slipped them off and just took the risk.

  2. trop belle ! j’adore ! bosser nue c’est trop bien et que dire de se promener nue dans la nature sans contrainte trop gĂ©nial

    ps je voudrai poster des photos mais je ne sais pas comment envoyer merci de me renseigner sil vous plait

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