11 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. I agree with this post. Naked hiking is lots of fun and people can easily get to know others hiking as well. I like this picture where the guy has his arm around the shoulder of a black woman. A Nudist/Naturist never sees ‘color’. A Nudist/Naturist sees the person for who they are inside (their personality). Some personalities clash in life but hopefully personalities are accepted by Nudists/Naturists and friendships are formed that will last. These are my thoughts, anyway. I hope others see the wisdom I have learned in life here.

      1. Denis, I agree with you. I live naked and I have found that I am much more relaxed. People don’t understand how beneficial living naked is. You’re stress-free and comfortable when naked.

          1. Denis,

            I is nice to know that you drove almost all the way home naked. I hope to try that at some time because I like not being smothered in clothing when driving. Thanks for sharing!

          2. Patrick, if ever you have the opportunity to drive naked, seize it. The freedom you’ll feel that way is incredible. I love driving naked, as I’ve posted on this blog several times. This year I drove over 1100 miles naked and I’m sad the weather is now too cold for that. You’ll love it.

  2. Patrick and Paul, I often drive home naked from my local clothing optional resort, about an hour drive. I just can’t bring myself to get dressed after ice relaxing day being clothes free. I think the next time I will drive to the resort naked, just to change things up a bit.

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