Why naturism won’t make it as mainstream

Let’s face it, we’re fighting an uphill battle and we’re not gaining ground.

In the early 1920s naturism appeared as something new (while it was something old). During the flower power time nudity was freely quite practised, and even in the 70s and 80s naturist resorts were very common if not mentioned among most people.

So why is naturism/nudism still fighting so hard for acceptance?

Dollar bills

Because of this. Money. There is money to be made in clothes. Nudists don’t wear clothes so there’s no money to be made of that group. But clothes aren’t the only thing. As I’ve mentioned before, the porn industry heavily relies on nudity, because that sells. Selling is money. If everyone goes around naked then there’s no incentive to buy something with naked people in it.

Do you agree? Or is the problem somewhere else do you think?