A naturist’s library – by author

A library of nudist and naturist books.


Here I maintain a list of books that involve naturism. The list will mainly contain fiction but there is some worthwhile non-fiction too.

This is the page sorted by author. If you prefer the page sorted by genre, please go here.

Author: ⋄ Alimonos Nick ⋄ Allen Amelia ⋄ Allen Marshall ⋄ Ball John ⋄ Ball John ⋄ Beauchemin Rene ⋄ Black Matthew ⋄ Bloom Jonathan ⋄ Bowman Paul M. ⋄ Brandt Lisa ⋄ Brant Martin ⋄ Bun Ted ⋄ Burez Roman ⋄ Butterworth Simon ⋄ Calow Andrew ⋄ Carr-Gomm Philip ⋄ Choi P.A. ⋄ Cinder Cec ⋄ Cobbold Henry ⋄ Croom Barbara ⋄ Crowley Anthony ⋄ Crowley Steven ⋄ Cunningham Jim ⋄ Dali Sally ⋄ Danielson Olaf ⋄ Dash Joan ⋄ Drake Jacob M. ⋄ Egger Liz and James ⋄ Forest Will ⋄ Francillon Jacques Marie ⋄ Goodson Aileen ⋄ Greensage Wallace ⋄ Harding John David ⋄ Hartman William ⋄ Haskell-Smith Mark ⋄ Hatton David L. ⋄ Herring Mike ⋄ Hopkins E. David ⋄ Jonathan D.H. ⋄ Keer Nigel ⋄ Lawler Adam ⋄ Lawson Richard ⋄ Ledbury Bob ⋄ Longpré Robert ⋄ Louise Jayne ⋄ Friends Luki and ⋄ Merrill Frances ⋄ Merrill Frances and Mason ⋄ Millswan M. ⋄ Montagu Ashley ⋄ Moon Storm ⋄ Morley Maggie ⋄ Naturalist Naked ⋄ Dare to Bare: Naturism A ⋄ Nigro Guido ⋄ Parmalee Maurice ⋄ Parmelee Maurice ⋄ Penhallow Paul ⋄ Pine T.H. ⋄ Pitsligo Stuart ⋄ Pollard Ian and Barbara ⋄ Rae Augustine ⋄ Ramsey Don ⋄ Reyna John ⋄ Saine Tom ⋄ Schillig Richard ⋄ Smith and William Sparks Dennis ⋄ Stelma T. ⋄ Twitchett Cressida ⋄ Walker P.Z. ⋄ Williams Joseph ⋄

Nick Alimonos
Amelia Allen
Marshall Allen
  • "The naked busdriver". Amazon.
John Ball
  • "The Cool Cottontail (A Virgil Tibbs Mystery Book 8)". Amazon Kindle.
Rene Beauchemin
  • "The Half-Naked Pilgrim (Book 1)". Kobo.
  • "The Magical Other (Book 2)". Kobo.
Matthew Black
  • "Clothing Optional (book 1)". Series: book 1. Amazon.
  • "Over Exposed. (Book 2)". Series: book 2. Amazon.
  • "Nine Years Naked. (Book 3)". Series: book 3. Amazon.
  • "Naked Bucket List. (Book 4)". Series: book 4. Amazon.
  • "Body Parts (book 5)". Series: book 5. Amazon UK.
  • "Screw Firmly From Rear. (Book 6)". Series: book 6. Amazon.
  • "Naked Punks On Dope. (Book 7)". Series: book 7. Amazon.
Jonathan Bloom
Paul M. Bowman
Lisa Brandt
Martin Brant
  • "An Unexpected Adventure: Into the World of Social Nudity". Amazon.
  • "Charlene’s Daughter (The Nudist Series Book 3)". Series: book 3. Amazon Kindle.
  • "My sister the Nudist – (The Nudist Series Book 4)". Series: book 4. Amazon.
  • "Stories for Nudists about Social Nudity: (and for those who are curious) (The Nudist Series Book 5)". Series: book 5. Amazon.
  • "Shared Secrets: A Story About Nudists (The Nudist Series Book 7) ". Series: book 7. Amazon Kindle.
Ted Bun
  • "New House… New Neighbours.". Amazon.
  • "Uncovered Policeman". Series: book 1. Amazon.
  • "Uncovered Policeman Abroad". Series: book 2. Amazon.
  • "Uncovered Policeman- In and Out of the Blues". Series: book 3. Amazon.
  • "The Uncovered Policeman: Goodbye Blues, by Ted Bun.". Series: book 4. Amazon.
  • "Two Weddings and a Naming.". Series: book 5. Amazon.
  • "The Uncovered Policeman: Caribbean Blues, by Ted Bun.". Series: book 6. Amazon.
  • "The Uncovered Policeman: Family Album". Series: book 7. Amazon.
  • "The Uncovered Policeman: Made for TV". Series: book 9. Amazon.
  • "The Uncovered Policeman: The Long Road". Series: book 10. Amazon Kindle.
  • "Cutters Tale". Series: book 11. Amazon.
  • "The Girls Trip to the Beach". Series: book 12. Amazon.
  • "Naked Warriors". Series: book 13. Amazon.
  • "Cocoa and Pyjamas". Series: book 14. Amazon.
  • "Forty shades of Green, A Rags to Riches book.". Series: book 15. Amazon. Smashwords.
Roman Burez
Simon Butterworth
Andrew Calow
  • "Holding Briefs". Series: book 1. Amazon.
  • "Without Prejudice ". Series: book 2. Amazon.
  • "Duty of Care". Series: book 3. Amazon.
  • "The Brother’s Head". Series: book 4. Amazon.
Philip Carr-Gomm
P.A. Choi
Cec Cinder
Henry Cobbold
Barbara Croom
  • "Fiveacres Country Club: 80 Years of Naturism 1927-2007". Amazon.
Anthony Crowley
Steven Crowley
Jim Cunningham
Sally Dali
  • "Being Naked: My Enjoyable Experiences As A Naturist". Amazon.
  • "Happy To Be Naked: …And Naked To Be Happy". Amazon.
  • "Naked Again: My love for naturism". Amazon.
  • "Naked In Winter: Being A Dedicated But Chilly Naturist". Amazon.
  • "Still Naked: Thoughts and Feelings of a Dedicated Naturist". Amazon.
Olaf Danielson
Joan Dash
Jacob M. Drake
  • "Chronicles of a Bare Naked Nudist". Smashwords.
Liz and James Egger
  • "The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism & Nudists: Everything you need to know about nudism". Amazon.
Will Forest
  • "Co-ed naked philosophy". Amazon.
Jacques Marie Francillon
  • "Divagations d’un randonneur naturiste dans les Alpes". Blurb France.
Aileen Goodson
  • "Therapy, Nudity & Joy: The Therapeutic Use of Nudity Through the Ages from Ancient Ritual to Modern Psychology". Amazon Hardcover.
Wallace Greensage
  • "Who is this naked lady (And what have they done with my wife?)". Series: book 1. Amazon.
  • "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free. (New Albion book 2)". Series: book 2. Amazon.
John David Harding
William Hartman
Mark Haskell-Smith
David L. Hatton
Mike Herring
E. David Hopkins
D.H. Jonathan
  • "The ‘Volunteer’". Amazon.
Nigel Keer
Adam Lawler
  • "Barely Retired (Barely (Carter and Connie) Book 1)". Amazon.
Richard Lawson
Bob Ledbury
  • "The Thomson Dependency". Amazon.
Robert Longpré
  • "A Broken Boy: On a Broken Road (Healing the Soul-Skyclad Book 1)". Series: book 1. Amazon.
  • "A Small Company of Pilgrims (Skyclad Pilgrim Book 1)". Series: book 1. Amazon.
  • "On The Broken Road (Healing the Soul-Skyclad Book 2)". Series: book 2. Amazon.
  • "Naked Poetry – At home and in nature". Amazon.
  • "Naked Poetry – By the sea and on the prairies". Amazon.
Jayne Louise
  • "Brown Bottoms of Barnegat Bay". Amazon.
  • "Ivana Kupala: The Night of the Forest-Spirit". Amazon.
  • "The Governors Bluff". Amazon.
  • "The Incredible Naked Adventure at Blatsto". Amazon.
Luki and Friends
Frances Merrill
  • "Among the Nudists – Early Naturism (London, 1931)". Amazon.
Frances and Mason Merrill
M. Millswan
  • "OMG! I’m naked in school". Amazon.
Ashley Montagu
  • "Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin". Amazon.
Storm Moon
  • "Naked in the Woods: A Guide to Spiritual Nudity". Amazon.
Maggie Morley
  • "Naked Reflections". Amazon.
Naked Naturalist
  • "A Dare to Bare: Naturism". Amazon.
A Dare to Bare: Naturism
Guido Nigro
  • "Raped by Clothing – the nudophobic society". Amazon.
Maurice Parmalee
Maurice Parmelee
  • "Nudism in Modern Life; The New Gymnosophy". AbeBooks.
Paul Penhallow
  • "Living Naked and Frugal: A Handbook for Parsimonious Nudity". Amazon.
T.H. Pine
  • "Father Al Takes a Vacation: Book One". Series: book 1. Amazon.
  • "Father Al Celebrates a Birthday Milestone: Book II". Series: book 2. Amazon.
  • "Father Al Sees the Future: Book III". Series: book 3. Amazon.
Stuart Pitsligo
Ian and Barbara Pollard
  • "The Naked Gardeners". Amazon.
Augustine Rae
  • "The Freedom of Naturism: A Guide for the How and Why of Adopting a Naturist Lifestyle". Amazon.
Don Ramsey
  • "Living without clothes". Amazon.
John Reyna
  • "Too Old to be Naked". Amazon.
Tom Saine
  • "Pepper Creek Murder". Amazon.
Richard Schillig
  • "The Accidental Naturist.". Amazon.
Dennis Smith and William Sparks
T. Stelma
Cressida Twitchett
  • "Carry On Naked: A Naturist Novella". Amazon.
P.Z. Walker
Joseph Williams

If I missed a good book, please send me an e-mail about it so I can add it here. Thank you!