A naturist’s view on ‘days’


We all know them. Workdays, weekend days, vacation days. But those aren’t the days I mean here.

Secretary dayI’m taking (or rather, writing) about all those fancy, thought up days, like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Secretary Day, Naked Gardening Day and so on.

If you post attention to them, there is a day for just about anything and so each calendar day is the ‘home’ of at least 1 special day.

Naked Day

The author nudeThat is one day I miss in this line-up. You might argue that Naked Gardening Day is Naked Day but not everyone is into gardening or has a garden readily available. Most nudists and naturists however like being naked, so a simple Naked Day would be very welcome.

How do you get a day?

Naked bike ride
Naked bike ride

The days in the list up there all have a great commercial value. Every …. day comes with gifts of all kinds. The problem getting Naked Day accepted everywhere presents a problem in that respect because it wouldn’t bring much in the view of gifts. It would just yield a lot of naked people (but by far not enough).

Still I think it’s a shame that so many occasions have their own day, whether we like the occasion or not, but this one’s missing from the line-up.

Hemispheric issue

There’s that. When would that day be? Seasons on the Northern and Southern hemisphere are opposite, so picking a day for Naked Day would be interesting to say the least. Is Naked Gardening Day also a Southern hemisphere happening or do they (or you, Southern hemisphere citizen) have their own version of it? Does it even exist on that side of the planet?

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about this…

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on ‘days’”

  1. A very good idea. Possibly a day in the spring or autumn as they are generally mild transition days in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. How to do it? That’s the real challenge! Naked hugs!

    1. Why not both first day of spring and first day of autumn when sun passes over the equator? Day and night are about equal everywhere on Earth. Didn’t some civilizations celebrate these?

        1. And can easily be extended over time to say every second friday of the month. And on from there.
          Every day should be naked day, with full legal protection so people can’t be forced to wear clothes at work or to enter stores (among other things). But that’s a long way off, doubt we’ll ever see it happen in our lifetimes.

  2. Hi from Body Accepted, Recreating, Educating (Bare) based in Australia. We promote the first Saturday in November as Naked Gardening Day and the summer solstice as Hike Naked Day along with Get Naked Australia. Although some brave souls also do the Northern equivalents!
    A 6-month offset from the north or seasonal equivalent is definitely fairer to milder climate Naturists in the south.

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