A naturist’s view on videos

Videos? What videos?

Believe it or not but most naturists are quite sensitive about videos. And pictures. Especially when those contain imagery or footage of them in the nude. Not everyone is ready to be so exposed to the public. For those who aren’t afraid of that however, there can be a different problem. It’s something I’m facing at the moment.

Vimeo cap
Screencap of one of my videos

I’ve uploaded a few videos onto Vimeo (because Youtube is far ‘stricter’ concerning nudity). The thing I’m fighting now is the amount of sex-crazed idiots that are set on following me on Vimeo and who keep asking for more videos. Ehm. Right. It’s considered flattering to be told “you have a great ass and I want to ram my dick in you”. At least I’m sure it is flattering in certain circles. Not mine, let me tell you that.

Measures I took.

No videoAfter being ‘invited’ to join a few of my ‘fans’ to ‘hook up and have some fun’ I made most of my videos private. No one will be able to watch them any more and the only place to see them is when I put them up here, on my site. I’ve found that this reduces the amount of unwanted ‘invitations’ drastically. It’s sad I have to do this but I don’t want to be seen for what I’m not, and worse: what naturism isn’t.

It’s not an invitation for sex.

Better ways to do public videos.

I’m not sure if there is a way to put up videos in a way that won’t be considered such ‘invitations to invitations’. If anyone out there has great ideas or suggestions, I’m all ears!

For now I’ll leave you with this video of a brave and admirable lady who explains why she likes to be naked on the beach.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on videos”

  1. It’s sad that people have to act so inapprpriately.Technology which makes people more anonymous seems to embolden this behavior.Vimeo is a little better,but the comments there get stupid too.I’ve seen some of the comments on videos for Topless Topics and sadly they can be worse for the women trying to promote top freedom and naturism.
    This is why I always try to leave something positive to support the people trying to show naturism in a good way.Great video at the end.

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