A naturist’s view on vineyards

Yes, this might surprise you. I happened to find this article though and thought you’d like it too!

Naturists harvest French vineyard grapes entirely nude

The group picked grapes entirely naked, apart from shoes and plastic ponchos against the rain

A group of naturist friends from Puy-de-Dôme has harvested wine grapes entirely in the nude.

Taking advantage of the warm end-of-September weather – despite some rain – the seven men and one woman took to the vines entirely naked, to pick grapes on a small parcel of vineyard in the commune of Crest.

The group made use of a local by-law that allowed them to harvest for a set amount of time, and in a clearly-defined area of the vineyard. The remoteness of the land ensured they were unlikely to be seen by members of the public.

Some concessions to the weather and environment were made: the group wore shoes to protect their feet against the hard and muddy ground, and some made use of transparent plastic ponchos to ward off the rain. Apart from this, they were all entirely naked.

The experience allowed them to get closer to nature, they explained to local news source France 3, and have vowed to return next year.

“We have wanted to harvest this way for a long time,” explained Thierry Guillot, one of the group. “We chose a vineyard that we know and like. Naturism is a mindset. We are very close to nature, and being able to move without fabric; without a polluting barrier, is such a pleasure.”

He continued: “Naturism is about tolerance. We never judge each other; it’s one big family. When you have tasted [what naturism is like], you cannot go back to fabric.”

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3 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on vineyards”

  1. That’s great to hear! Personally I would have skipped the shoes because feet are easier to clean mud off & being barefoot it’s a new experience and new feeling sensations on the feet. That’s in my personal opinion =)

    1. I am sure they all had the option to leave those off. Some people don’t have hard, strong feet to deal with “the hard and muddy ground” and rain might not be fun all the time either. 🙂

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