Naked Jungle Run – don’t miss this one!

Here is something for the sporty ones among us who happen to be in Thailand next month:

junglerunWake up! The first ever Naked Jungle Run on Sunday 23 October 2016 is only a few weeks away. Already now, over 30 members have signed up for the event which can be either a 2.5 k nature walk or a 5 k jungle run. For the most sporty members, it is even possible to run back to the starting point and complete a tough 10 k run.

Don’t miss it! This is your unique chance of joining the very first of a many more Naked Jungle Runs over the years to come. Join this one and you will be able to tell your grand children that you ran in the very first one. Not the first i Thailand. Not the first in Asia. The first …. like in ever!

Sure, other places in other countries have had 5k naked runs but those are safe and secure on city streets or gently rolling countryside. We are talking “JUNGLE!” You are likely to encounter a bit of wildlife. Running the test runs, we saw jungle foul and other birds, lizards, and even a dole couple – a rare kind of jungle dog.

The actual course is a rough road track, some bits are a little muddy, a little gravel, rutted and some parts nice and smooth going up and down through real jungle. In some places the elevation is considerable and a fun challenge. But don’t forget that the run is first of all for fun. You don’t have to win to be awarded the participation medal.

The run is also a demonstration of naturism’s fundamental relationship to our natural environment. Offering you a unique opportunity to feel the magic of your naked natural skin in direct communication with the pristine environment of Thailand’s amazingly beautiful forests. Open your mind as you have opened your body and your experience is likely to be almost spiritual.

The run in the early morning hours of Sunday 23 October is the culmination of a fun naturist activity weekend that starts when you arrive the location around 15.00 on the day before, Saturday 22 October. The location which has been closed for public access for the weekend is almost four hours from Bangkok so participants should leave from Bangkok at around 11 o’clock. If you are not self-driving, public mini-vans go to a location nearby from where we will pick you up and drive you to the resort. The exact location will be communicated only to participants in order to avoid paparazzi.

What does it cost?

Only Ordinary or Premium members of Naturist Association Thailand can participate in the event. For these members, the cost of participation in the run and breakfast after the run is only 450 THB.

Members who are currently in the Free category can upgrade to Ordinary Member and join in the run at a special package price of 950 THB.

Accommodation on Saturday 22 October will be in basic dormitory style rooms with mattresses on the floor offered for an additional 450 THB per person.

Dinner is what you bring yourself, but we can heat it, boil it or grill it on the BBQ and enjoy it together with everyone else.

If you are not self-driving, the public transportation cost is 210 THB for each way.

As an example, a member couple from Bangkok will in total pay 2.640 THB + what you decide to bring for the Saturday dinner. (Calculated like this: 450 + 450 for participation + 450 + 450 for accommodation + 210 + 210 for min-van to get there and 210 +210 to return to Bangkok.)

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