Free the body. Free the nipple.

Free the nipple, or Topless in New York.

You have probably all heard of “Free the nipple”, a movement that tries to make being topless in public a common reality for women. They are doing great work, but they are not the only ones active in this area of body freedom. On Twitter there’s a feed called “Topless New York“. This Twitter feed is also very active in promoting body freedom for women, and the focus here – you may have guessed it – is New York.

Coffee out in the open. What can be better?

Why New York?

An obvious question probably. If you live in New York you probably won’t focus on Miami, right?

Art-watching in New York. Because the weather’s nice.

New York is one of the (too few) cities in the United States where it’s perfectly legal for women to go around topless. Somehow this liberating fact isn’t know very widely because it’s barely ever you can spot a lady who frees her nipples.

Topless New York is the Twitter feed of a photographer who takes pictures of topless women in New York. Of course with permission of the ladies in question. It is a work in progress to make the world aware of this legal possibility. If you are a lady who’s proud of her body and you want the world to know, get in touch with “Topless New York” and see what can be done.


Topless New York has recently started a Patreon page to fund the work he does.

If you think this is a worthy cause then please drop by the Patreon page and pledge a dollar or two per month. Or three.

It will help body equality for women.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

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  1. Beautiful images and a worthy cause too. Shame it comes to this as this should just be a natural thing daily.

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