3 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. Paul, This is a wonderful post! It is SO nice to see a couple taking a walk naturally together in nature! It is also nice to see that they are holding hands, too! I think it is very important to have tactile contact skin to skin while walking. It is just the natural thing to do, I think. My mom was not a nudist but when I was growing up, we used to walk together in the woods holding hands. She taught me a lot of things when we were walking in the woods. I will always remember those special times with her!

  2. Adam and Eve are well and living within all of us. If anyone is wondering why I used this biblical reference. I am very dismayed at how so many textiles cling to this reference to protect their reasoning in the fight for our civil and constitutional rights. If you believe that strongly then maybe…while they were in grace with God they were naked and that is considered as a Holy thing. Apparently they felt that this was fine and God agreed. It was only after they had sinned that they felt that they had to wear clothes…would naturism then be an important part in the journey?

    1. Frank, Thank you for this post! I agree with your comments here on Adam and Eve. God created them both naked. God first created Adam and then he took one of Adam’s ribs and created Eve as his help mete (as the Bible states) and they stayed naked in the garden of Eden with God and the Bible further states that God had communion (conversation) with them there daily. It was not until Eve caused Adam to sin that they had knowledge of their state of nakedness before God and gathered fig leaves to cover themselves. God came looking for them in the cool of the day and when he saw they were not as originally created he questioned Adam and by his response to God Adam had created the original sin. I believe as you do, from reading the Bible, that simple nakedness is not sinful. If nakedness had been sinful, God would not have looked at man and said that his creation was “very good!” Again, thank you for posting your clear comment. I support what your thoughts are 100 percent!

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