6 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

    1. And slightly higher out of the water! When I visited (with a clothed group) one elderly man couldn’t get his legs down to walk out of the sea, so I helped … tempted to leave him there.

      1. @CalgaryMark hehe the native northern canadians did something similar with ice flows, lest i be myth-taken! 😀

        i remember we had to pay something like 500JD (jordanian dollars) for the 5 of us to have just one hour of private naked dead sea time (and mud time) but it was worth it, especially considering how conservative they are over there. They had an actual armed guard standing to the “beach” entrance for us!

        I am guessing @Paul has found a nice cosy spot to do this very thing despite the cooler waters, but no sharks or crocodiles to worry about right? 😀

      1. A day spa? ehehe lovely! Did ya get the mud mask too? see everyone? they’re not just for us!!!
        everyone needs a little TLC : )

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