5 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. I like this post! It shows this young woman with her computer at home naturally. She has a beautiful smile and her body is perfect, naturally. She obviously likes who she is without clothes and probably only dresses when absolutely necessary. I wish more people could or would realize how comfortable and light one feels when not constrained in heavy clothes layers that they have to peel off one at a time. Just living in your own skin which God gave us and liking ourselves naturally as we are is the greatest gift and stress relief we could receive. I did not know how heavy clothing is until I started being nude all the time. Now when I must wear clothes, I realize just how heavy they are and can’t wait to get them off and be myself when I get home! Another excellent post for the Sunday Noon Nudist blog!

  2. A young lady who wears her naked body with pride – I think she is lovely.
    So many are happy enough to be nude, but become shy and tense in front of a camera, but she is relaxed and happy to be photographed naked.

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