Clothing optional

We all know what it means, right? A place where you can go any way you want. Either fully dressed, partially dressed or not dressed at all. I think that these places are very good places because they offer something for everyone. Still you won’t easily find me there.

I’m a naked naturist and for that reason I like places where I don’t see clothes, no matter how skimpy.

Don’t get me wrong: facing the choice between clothed and clothing optional I’ll opt for the latter but when I can avoid optional clothes I will certainly do that. Clothing optional for me always hovers in that grey area where you can find peeping Toms and Tinas who hide behind their clothes, hats and sunglasses just to have a good look at (and giggle over? and picture of? and…?)  those silly naked folks who are there too.

I don’t know how you feel about this, but perhaps you’re inclined to tell me about it in the comments section.

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Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Clothing optional”

  1. Totally agree with what you say here. Our resort is this way except in the pool or hot tub, where full nudity is required. That being said, if it where not that way we would probably not have as many women in the resort as they seem to need a different comfort level than us men. However most do get nude at times, few stay fully or partially covered all the time. So for some it’s just a balance they seek just the same as the balance you seek.

  2. I am not really bothered about those who wish to remain at least partially dressed in a CO zone, in fact I think just about everywhere should be declared C.O. as long as nobody minds me being naked!

  3. I feel more comfortable being naked, but I know this is not the case for everybody. I like clothing optional places where people is free to be as they prefer. If they are respectful, I don’t mind clothed people around me.

  4. I’ve seen good and bad at clothing optional beaches. I was at a CO beach in Oregon and there was a gang of 10 or so fully clothed teenagers walking up to sunbathers, pointing fingers and laughing at them. But it was also August and they were wearing oversized, baggy pants and hoodies. I think they were the real idiots.

  5. I would love for clothing optional areas to be designated everywhere. In parks, in suburbs, in metropolitan areas, in national forests and parks. If as one other replier said “as long as people are respectful” I wouldn’t mind clothed people being there as well. This may be a unrealistic reality to look for but I look forward to the time when people are welcome to be naked and clothed together and respect each other as people of worth and not people to be called out or laughed at for the way they choose to dress or undress.

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