One thought on “We are all nudists underneath”

  1. Nudism is more than just not wearing clothes all the time. It is believing that our bodies are inherently good, and there is no reason to cover them up except for comfort and protection. We can truly be naked under our clothes.

    I wrote in a comment under “No, My clothes are comfortable!” about one of my lady-friends who is compulsively clothed. She also feels naked unless she is wearing underwear, and that includes when she is sleeping. Several weeks ago, she had a bad urinary tract infection, and I suggested that she go without panties as much as possible, particularly in bed, but her response was “What about body fluids?”. That was exactly my point. She was trapping whatever bacteria there were in her genital area and not allowing them to drain freely, and also wasn’t getting any air to that area.

    I also seriously doubt that she has seen herself naked in a mirror, because she puts clothes back on immediately after she takes a shower. She is repulsed by the sight of her own body. I look myself over quite regularly for anything that I may need to bring to the attention of a dermatologist, and what I can’t readily see, I take a picture of. Yes, I even have pictures of that little pucker between the cheeks of my bottom.

    I can’t wait to get my clothes off as soon as I walk in my home. She can’t stand to not have clothes on even when she could safely be naked. I am a nudist. She is a textile.

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