Khalil Gibran on clothes

Clothesfree sculptures

This image portrays the Satyr of Praxiteles. The statue itself is the “Resting Satyr” from the Villa Borghese, Rome (Source).

Sunday Noon Nudist

Try this with clothes on! Body painting works best on bodies. 🙂

Sunday Noon Nudist

Yes, it’s a photograph.

Sunday Noon Nudist

Nothing quite like a nude walk in the countryside with a close friend.  You just know that five minutes down the road they’ve forgotten they aren’t clothed, and all that matters is the conversation.

Sunday Noon Nudist

Books are always good.

Sculptures – The Greek Slave

Everywhere you see paintings of nudes. I thought to pick up something else and look at sculptures. There are lots of them!

The Greek Slave is a marble statue in Raby Castle, carved in Florence by American sculptor Hiram Powers in 1844. Copies of the statue were displayed in a number of venues around Great Britain and the United States, and it quickly became one of Powers’ most famous and most popular works. The design of the statue was based upon the Venus de’ Medici in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. (Information via Wikipedia.)