Sunday Noon Nudist


I thought it nice to present this video to you all for a change. Don’t worry, it’s not all about trains.

Hardfire nudism – a video interview

Yes, this is an old video, it’s from 2010. Still it’s a great interview so I want to share it with you all. Take your time, it’s almost half an hour long but I think it’s worth it.

Paul Nocera, of Males Au Naturel, and Sandy Aldrich, of Clothing-Optional Dinners, talk with Sam Sloan about nudism, naturism, and the law.

Classic Nudist Documentary

A documentary about Nudism from the 1960s.

Dawn Porter.

Dawn Porter is a BBC reporter who has taken several steps into the empowerment of the female body. This is one of the videos that speaks to me. It’s really good. The most fabulous in this video is (I think) that people don’t turn away disgustedly but look and applaud these women. All the nannying of governments and other prudish institutions are proven wrong by each of them. Enjoy!

Nude walk


You may have understood that I like to be naked. I also like to take walks. What better way to enjoy both together than taking nude walks? Yesterday the weather was amazing (compared to the drizzle of today) and I grabbed the opportunity to go out. I have never walked there before so I had to be kind of cautious – don’t want to upset the textile side of life when I can avoid that…

Here’s are two videos I made while I was out and about. I hope they’re not too long and boring.

Vintage film on nudism

Here is an almost 1 hour, very old film on Nudism which covers the US and also France and Germany. See it and then look at how things have changed for the worse over time…

Gyrocopter girl

This is the way to spend some time in the nude! I’d love to fly with her.

Thank you, Gromit!


An excellent tongue and cheek social commentary of what society in general do to nudists and how that makes us feel.