Nude beach must make South Korea more attractive

Via the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad:

The South Korean province Gangwon wants to attract more tourists and thinks that it will work with a nude beach That report The Telegraph.

At this moment it’s investigated if the nude beach is or isn’t a good idea. If the plan is executed, Gangwon will have the first nude beach in the country. Nudists can enjoy the Korean sun then as of 2017. The neighbouring Korean citizens for one are not very happy with the prospect.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a proposal for a nude beach is dismissed. In 2005 there already were plans for such a beach. That led to a lot of protest, which in the end meant the end for the nudist area.
Original article in Dutch: Naaktstrand moet Zuid-Korea aantrekkelijker maken – Het Nieuwsblad.
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