On being naked

I love it. Do you? Of course the environment has to be up for it, I’m not a polar bear, but when the weather’s nice or when I’m inside my home I prefer to wear nothing at all.

And yes, it excites me often to just go around naked inside. I appreciate the air on my skin.


It’s also good to go to nudist beaches once in a while. There’s a good assortment in France and people there are warm (in the sun) and friendly, and it’s always a treat to cast eyes on a few young and extremely well-formed females there. They love the attention and I love what I see so that’s a winning streak for both sides



Oh, absolutely, they give me a hard-on once every so often but that happens quite a lot there and no one seems to seriously mind.


I envy people who are this flexible. Never could do things like that.

Outside in the sun

In the woods

In the woods, in the sunshine. It is what nudists do and enjoy.